Sick, Clingy and Poetic |Mid Calf Socks and Vans Old Skool | Sick Day Fashion

My Fake Poetic Trip
I sometimes find comfort being too sad. I love pain because pain ignites ideas. Pain defies the deaths of stories. Pain and madness make me write. It’s like being in a trance and the next minute I am already writing, grinning at the thought that I have outlived pain. I …

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Stuck in the 90s | Plaid Dress Fashion

Plaid shirts and dresses remind me of the 90s. It’s nostalgic and surprisingly uncanny.
Like Kate Moss, we’re stuck in the 90s. Some 90s kids feel superior, it’s not surprising at all. Perhaps it’s because we’re made to believe that we had better music, movies…

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Top Four Movies That Will Change You Forever



Some movies are made to entertain or inspire you while others are meant to destroy you or blow your mind away.

1. The Outsiders (1983)

What the movie is all about
The film concentrated on the life of Ponyboy as an orphan and a Greaser and how he, and the other young Greasers in his neighborhood …

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