Why Everyone Goes Gaga Over Lady Gaga

For a moment, we thought Madonna is the only one left who can sing, dance, show personality and dress different in this planet. Madonna is already a legend. Now we have Lady Gaga.

In today’s music industry, the weirder you become, the more famous you are, especially in the younger audience. This formula is also present in the Hollywood industry. No wonder Tim Burton is now famous in some countries and the strange characters played by Johnny Depp are also popular, helping him in his career and making a lot of girls scream and really go crazy over him. And yes, Lady Gaga is one of the famous pop stars who enjoy this type of


So why is everyone going gaga over Lady Gaga? It’s all about the formula. Lady Gaga can sing and dance with other famous pop stars, probably famous than her, but you can never ignore Lady Gaga. With her weird hairstyles, weird outfits, weird shoes and weird videos, every girl just want to be cool like her. Seeing her videos is sure to convince you that she is definitely serious to achieve her primary goals in the industry- to entertain and to show her personality.


When interviewed in CNN, Gaga admitted she is a writer and she has journals to that she can have her own space to express herself. I think one of the best things about Gaga, she can be one of the symbols of pop culture but she can also be a symbol of sub culture. Perhaps the reason why there are some people who hate her is because she’s becoming too mainstream, well, too commercialized. In one of TMZ’s shows, she was featured as an artist who endorsed a soda company when she was spotted having two cans of Coca Cola that were designed as her hair curlers.

Maybe it’s her charisma to entertain her audience. Or maybe we finally grew tired of watching cute girls like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. The thing is, everyone goes gaga over Lady Gaga and you just can’t stop her.


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