More Rendezvous

Finally—it has been a while since a new type of music has inspired me to just sit back and relax after a hard day’s work. (Haha. Talking about clichés and wearing my heart on my sleeves. But really.)  Imagine being in a kaleidoscope of colors: a spark of green, a slither of red, a glint of yellow and flashes of orange, red, and blue as the nostalgic—with an infinitesimal hint of note from afar—sounds of electropop in Rendezvous’ Incognito (Featuring Summertime) play in the background.

Like a new blend of coffee, some sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon, I have found myself tapping my table unconsciously as I let the playful rhythm run into my head. If music were food, Rendezvous would have been a staple for me. This duo’s music create a good transition between the loud reality of the hullabaloo of car honks, and the muted expression on the man pushing his lungs to the limit as he snag the nth note. A sense of peace runs through with Rendezvou’s music.

And, Incognito does just that.

Rendezvous brings you to another level of what is an electropop music, without really becoming a bore to the ears. The music brings to mind that indie tune, a hint of the electronica and the playful mixture of musical instruments to redefine what music should be. I was totally taken aback on the artistry and the crisp newness of each of the instrumental: “No Man’s Land” and “So What.” All three of these instrumental pieces in Rendezvous’ collection are a sure treat. I have loved being in trance with Rendezvous, perhaps, you would want this as well.

Let’s have some Rendezvous.

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