Y tu mama tambien


Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Blame it to the raging hormones if you happen to watch a good movie like Y tu mama tambien. But can you really blame the hormones?

Y tu mama tambien is a film that features two teenage boys who are exploring the world of the grown ups: sex, party and the women. There are actually three main characters in the movie: Tenoch Iturbide (Diego Luna), Julio Zapata (Gael Barcia Bernal) and Luisa Cortes (Maribel Verdu). The excitement of the movie starts when the two teenagers, Tenoch and Julio meet Luisa at a wedding. Wanting to impress the older Luisa (who happens to be the Spanish wife of Jano, Tenoch’s cousin), the boys invite her to go to a beach called the la Boca del Cielo, an imaginary place they made up only to make Luisa go with them. Obviously the place doesn’t exist at all, and Luisa, impressed by their stories about the beach, accepts the invitation. The trip on their way to an imaginary beach is a form of an escape to the three characters: Tenoch and Julio are both abandoned by their girlfriends and Luisa running away from Jano, her husband, after his tearful confession about his infidelity with another woman. Y tu mama tambien highlights its themes: rejection, friendship, coming of age and definitely SEX.


With some exciting scenes such as finding yourself watching Tenoch and Julio kissing each other with Luisa kneeling in front of them, the three getting drunk and talking about their sexual experiences and their confessions about repeatedly having sex with the same girls (Luisa and their girlfriends), you will surely feel the thrill and the teenage aura of the movie while comfortably sitting on the couch.

The film ends with Tenoch and Julio talking over coffee, catching up on each other’s lives after a year without any contact to each other (with news about Luisa having been dead a month ago because of cancer).

Y tu mama tambien is a Mexican film about the coming of age, overcoming rejection and dealing with your raging hormones.



  1. xegben · October 20, 2009

    a definitely must watch movie..

    I may download this after my weekend review…

    thanks for droppin by my blog…

    update you on my blog roll

  2. missteya · October 20, 2009

    Yes, a must see mexican film. I watched this movie after I watched Brokeback Mountain. Scenes of guys doing it with each other is something to be curious about i think.

    Yes, ill update mine too.

  3. Gerald · December 12, 2009

    I know the movie, i watched it when i was on high school.
    my my…. its very profound..

    “i felt deep satisfaction within me after that afternoon, all alone, in front of the cathode ray tube”

    Like ive become three years older!!! from that point in time…

    thanks for making this review… its one thing we’ve got in common….
    mind if i share my poetry? forget about the poems in my blog… its not updated… the poems there are already antique…

  4. Vince Petitti · February 12, 2010

    I am having issues seeing your webpage. It displays all funny with paragraph breaks incorrectly. You might want to check it out.

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