Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Demi Push-up Bra

demi push up bra

If you love sexy black and you want to be sexy, then enjoy the obsession altogether with Victoria’s Secret’s Very Sexy Demi Push up Bra.

Black means seduction and the lace offers sophistication, well what more can you ask for? The Very Sexy Demi Push up Bra is the best thing to wear if you want a very sexy cleavage. What makes it sexier is that it has less cup coverage and it has a shape that helps prevent “bra peek” when you are wearing dresses with low cut necklines. The underwire cups have padding for a comfortable lift of your breasts. The Very Sexy Demi Push up Bra is made of imported nylon and spandex.

Women should be sexy inside and out. And you deserve to reward yourself with all the very sexy things life or shall I say, Victoria’s Secret has to offer.

P.S. Just a hint for boyfriends and husbands- this very sexy item is sure to be another sexy gift for her.



  1. ville · October 16, 2009

    masubukan nga..hehehe joke! hmmm nice website na nman ni teya… congrats!

  2. Dawn Kathrene · October 21, 2009

    nice blog for me. ;)).
    wala bang para sa pwet?. haha

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