Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me

Why are cheerleaders always portrayed as mean creatures? Well, you better ask Taylor Swift, maybe her song (and official music video) has an answer for that.


Whether you’re a cheerleader or the school’s geek, one thing is for sure- you won’t hate Taylor Swift, especially her song entitled “You Belong With Me”. The song is the pretty young artist’s another hit song from her new album “Fearless”.

The song revolves around these three ideas: 1. Geeks always fall for cute guys (obviously!);2. Cheerleaders are always the hottest girls in school (remember you’ve got it served and other cheerleading related movies) and 3. Mean girls can’t always win, good girls always get the good guys.

There is a bit of insecurity in the song as common teens feel when they see other teens their age who are sexier and prettier than them.  It’s actually an age of competition. Obviously it has a youthful teenage aura presenting scenes about growing up and the sweet feeling of infatuation and falling in love (with the boy in the neighborhood who used to be your playmate way back).


“You Belong With Me” is a pop culture influenced song with easy guitar chords and a feel good lyrics that your little sister or some kids in the neighborhood would surely love to sing in the shower or in their bedrooms. And with Taylor Swift’s sweet angelic face, you wouldn’t dare think that she’s being unfair to cheerleaders being mean and never having happy endings with the boy of their dreams.



  1. belle · October 19, 2009

    i love this song! reminds me of my high school days. char!

  2. Dawn Kathrene · October 21, 2009

    i should try being a geek, i guess.. HAHA

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